Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a seamer for these cans?

The Twistee Can does not require a seamer as the ends come pre-seamed on the cans.

Are these cans reusable?

The Twistee Can is not intended for reuse. We encourage recycling the Twistee Can after use.

Did you know; Once a can is recycled it’s a can again within 90 days?

Does the can keep oxygen out?

Absolutely! Once the cap is twisted into place, a complete seal is formed. Once sealed the can creates an air tight environment just like a traditional can! The Twistee’s cap also has an oxygen scavenger to help create the best possible environment for your beverage.

How do I fill the Twistee?

For best results a counter pressure fill will create the best environment for your beverage. The Twisee can also be filled from a tap, however we suggest a CO2 purge of the can prior to filling.

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